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As an approved Lyquid PR Toolkit member, you may submit company articles and reviews to be published on Lyquid.Press in accordance to the following requirements.

  • Your article must NOT be less than 550 words. We want this website to be beneficial to your company as it comes to proper writing techniques, but also the needs of proper recognition of Lyquid.Press must equally be held to high standards.
  • Your article MUST be written in a third party’s eye’s (e.g. Lyquid is a company that performs at an excellent level for their clients… – you do NOT want to say “We are an excellent company and we love taking care of our client base…”)
  • You may submit 1-2 articles or company reviews each month.
  • Lyquid does not edit any article or review. Upon submission, your article will be reviewed in order to make sure the article meets basic quality standards. If approved, the article or review will be immediately published into the appropriate categories.
  • If an article does not meet basic quality standards, you will receive a notification listing points the must be addressed (be sure to check your spam folder). Such points may include: article is not long enough, article has poor grammar, article does not fit the purpose of this website as well as the article is not appropriate.
  • You may include 1-2 links back to your website within your article. Be sure to specify the pages on your website you’d like to link to from your article.
  • If you are submitting a company review, make sure you detail the “star” or “percentage” amounts with the titles for each (e.g. 5 stars for Professionalism, 85% for Communication).

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